About FISH

Healthy spirit, heart, mind and body
Healthy families, community, and land.”

FISH was originally established to address the severe housing crisis in Indigenous communities
throughout Australia.

Acknowledging Aboriginal people have a living spiritual, cultural, familial and social connection with country, FISH now seeks to bring healing to the spirit, heart, mind, body and land to help create healthy people
and communities.

We aim to develop sustainable health through community based programmes providing learning experiences in life skills, personal development,
and creative initiatives.

FISH aims to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to share their wisdom and insights to the boarder community to teach people how to connect and care for each other and for country, whilst closing the gap and breaking generational cycles of poverty, trauma, and engagement with the justice system.



The Wilco team is very proud and excited to be able to partner with FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health and our fellow aboriginal businesses to support these life changing initiatives.