11 Dec

Introducing our longest standing Apprentice, Sam Vale whom joined the team in 2017 and will be completing his Capstone early next year.

He is extremely efficient, dedicated and a valuable asset to the team. We look forward to seeing Sam continue to thrive with Wilco in years to come.

Meet SAM 👊🏾

"My name is Samuel Vale and I’m a Wadjuk Noongar and direct descendant of the traditional land owners around the Swan River and Perth area.

After years in the FIFO construction industry, I was lucky enough to be taken on by Wilco as a mature age apprentice in 2017. I was given an opportunity to complete an electrical trade through Wilco’s 20 by 2020 initiative, which is a decision I haven’t looked back on. I am currently in the last stages of my apprenticeship and am looking forward to being signed off as a qualified electrician in the new year"

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