19 Dec

When you are up against one of Australia’s largest electrical contracting firms for a national award, who turn over $500,000,000 per annum and employ 1,500 FT, at the most prestigious awards night for Electrical Contractors, it is a surreal feeling to hear ‘Wilco Electrical’ called out as winner!  

We dedicate this NECA National Diversity Award to all our staff who live and breathe diversity and inclusiveness as part of the Wilco family. There is no single employee who does not contribute in some way or another to the success of upskilling in the electrical, communications, and renewable energy industry.

We thank our clients who appreciate and embrace our drive to create opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Shout out to all the other finalists, we are humbled to be amongst so many kick ass EC's! Last but not least are the wives, husbands, partners, and family members who step up to support team Wilco when OT, AH etc when needed. Thank you!!

Special thanks to sister companies Kardan Construction@Baldja J, parter RSGx and Electrical Group Training (egt) NECA WA FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health Frank Mitchell Tim Bidstrup Natascha King  @followers  #NECAdiversitywinners #aboriginalelectricians #firstnationselectricians #indigenouselectricians #aboriginalapprenticeships #aboriginalbusiness #diversecompanyculture #inclusiveworkplace #socialimpact #perthbusiness #supportlocal FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

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