Synergy ~ Smart Energy Social Housing Trial

The total trial scope was to install controllable solar PV systems on 500 social housing sites.  The Smart Energy for Social Housing pilot project has the potential to address energy poverty and alleviate financial hardship.  The benefits are twofold.  First social housing tenants receive access to free Solar PV systems which greatly reduce their energy bills and outgoing costs.  Secondly, via the controllable metering, the Solar PV system can be controlled by Synergy.  Synergy maintains balance across the grid between local and remote generation, creating stability through peak demand and minimal demand periods.  The pilot will take customers on a journey towards energy independence, with a dedicated team educating them about their energy usage and how to maximise the benefit of the smart meter tariffs.  To date approximately 100 solar systems have been installed, with the remaining houses intended for the pilot currently being sourced.